Journey With Homeless Young Women

Living with Dignity
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Urja is a catalytic organisation for homeless young women, supporting their fundamental needs and focusing on a life full of dignity.

India has always been bound by patriarchal customs and rituals, where women are first considered as burdens and later as properties by their fathers and husbands respectively. Along with gender, caste also plays a major role in discrimination, and the resultant violence causes women to be more vulnerable than their counterparts. To escape the abuse, these women leave their houses in the villages, for the supposed security of the cities. Unfortunately, upon reaching a new city, they face further exploitation as there are no provisions for this target group. In this context, Urja's work in facilitating homeless young women becomes relevant. Since our inception, we have worked with over 600 young women who have come from marginalized communities across the country.

These women all narrate stories of sexual, physical or emotional abuse, and as they arrive bruised and battered at Urja’s doorstep, with a little time, patience and understanding, we are able to transform them into bright and independent women who can live with their heads held high. At Urja, we opine that every young woman has potential and we aim to enhance it. It is our staunch belief that immediate shelter and gradual comprehensive rehabilitation will bring them back to life: a life filled with dignity!


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