Why Partner with URJA:

  • Transparency: Our finances are for the public eye and can be found in our annual reports. We wish to continue with this method in days to come to maintain accountability.
  • Monitoring:  Our projects and programs are monitored very closely to ensure maximum utilisation of funds and resources. Regular meetings with project staff, management, participants and the community, allows us to keep a tab on our progress.
  • Transformative changeOur main focus is on the empowerment of homeless women who have faced the brunt of severe abuse and to create awareness in our society about their situation. We have a very pragmatic approach which requires us to pay close attention to the their needs and provide them with avenues to lead a dignified life. By associating with us: -
  • Your brand will get  visibility.
  • You will be able to enhance your brand image 
  • You could be recognized as a socially conscious organisation.
  • Your employees will get a chance to make a difference.
  • You will become a part of a larger community.


We believe that our strength lies in unity. A better world will only be possible if we all work together.  You can become an integral part of our journey by volunteering and working with us.

You can also choose to become a fundraiser. You could do so by working towards strengthening communities and sharing the power to lead a dignified life with the young women at Urja by starting your own fundraising page. The more the number of people involve themselves with such a cause, the better the future of these women will be.

Get started today!